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Who We Are

CadMakers is an elite team of 3D modeling engineers with a depth of experience in both the construction and aerospace manufacturing industries.  We combine powerful technology with world-class technical talent to provide actionable solutions to construction’s largest challenges, transforming the project delivery process.

AEC Industry Experience
Foosball Talent

  • Javier Glatt Javier Glatt Co-Founder & CEO

    Javier is Co-Founder & CEO of CadMakers Virtual Construction, an integrated construction technology company focused on applying manufacturing practices to the AEC industry. Since the company’s start in early 2014, Javier has led the procurement of over 50 projects with a total construction value over $5B, providing products and services focused around automation tool building and prefabrication enablement. Javier holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a BA from the University of British Columbia. Fun fact: Javier enjoyed a successful eight year professional football career prior to diving into the world of construction technology.

  • Nicolas Cantin Nicolas Cantin Co-Founder & COO

    Nicolas has spent the last eight years solving complex problems using cutting edge technologies in the aerospace and construction industries with Bombardier, Gehry Partners and Hardstone Construction. Nicolas has provided 3D parametric modeling services to a number of high profile construction projects valued over $1.2 billion and holds a mechanical engineering degree from Laval University and an MBA from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

  • Alin Ursu Alin Ursu VP Project Delivery

    Alin joins CadMakers from AECOM in Montreal where he spent the last 3 years playing a critical role in modeling complex construction projects using CATIA. Prior to his time at AECOM, Alin spent six years as a site coordinator for various large construction projects in Europe. Alin is a 3D modeling / virtual construction technology junky, with expertise in numerous platform most notably CATIA. Alin holds a diploma from the technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest.

  • Derek Schick Derek Schick VP Project Delivery

    Derek studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. He developed his mechanical engineering career at Vancouver consulting engineering firms such as Omicron AEC, Keen Engineering, Stantec and most recently as an Associate at the AME Consulting Group.  Prior to joining CadMakers Virtual Construction he developed a diverse range of mechanical engineering experience and has been responsible for projects in the recreation, educational, commercial, healthcare, and light industrial sectors.  Clients will benefit from Derek’s design experience and his practical and performance oriented approach to project outcomes.

  • Jarvis Autey Jarvis Autey VP Product Development

    Jarvis joins CadMakers from the University of British Columbia where he was a Ph.D candidate in the civil engineering department focusing on deep learning technology. With experience both within industry and academia, Jarvis is an engineer turned software developer and is responsible for all software development and custom integrations at CadMakers. Jarvis holds a Masters in Applied Science from the University of British Columbia.

  • Gregoire Griffon Gregoire Griffon Software Solutions Developer

    Greg joins CadMakers' growing software development team as a software solutions developer working on custom integrations for customers and also for CadMakers' proprietary software development. Greg has significant experience as a full stack developer in the banking and security industries and is an expert in C#, MySQL, ASP, .NET and scrum methodologies.

  • Carl Guitard Carl Guitard Project Lead

    Carl has over 13 years’ experience modeling complex projects all over the world, identifying risks and proposing solutions. A CATIA expert, Carl originally honed his skills working at Dassault Systemes and most recently worked on large scale construction projects for Hydro Quebec while at BPR/Tetratech in Montreal.

  • Ryan Yee Ryan Yee Automation, Project Modeling Designer, Research & Development

    A mechanical engineer by trade, Ryan is focused on MEP prefabrication, CATIA automation, DELMIA simulations and 3DEXPERIENCE R&D/Technical sales. A problem solver, in his first few years at CadMakers Ryan has lead multiple large scale projects covering design to fabrication phases in CATIA and DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE.

  • Aline Benjamin Aline Benjamin Project Modeling Designer

    Aline holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Technical degree in Mechatronics. Prior to joining CadMakers Aline gained 9 years experience in the automotive manufacturing industry in South America and Europe for companies such as Mercedes-benz and Scania. A CATIA expert, Aline has a wealth of experience in prefabrication and optimization, with a keen interest in the bringing best practices she’s learned in manufacturing and applying them to the AEC industry.

  • Maxwell Tighe Maxwell Tighe Project Modeling Designer

    A manufacturing engineer by trade, Max has 4 years’ experience in the aerospace manufacturing and oil & gas industries. Max has significant experience using CATIA for geometric analysis and is passionate about pushing efficiencies and innovation using the same methodologies in the construction industry.

  • Harkirat “Hark” Singh Harkirat “Hark” Singh Project Modeling Designer

    Hark joins CadMakers after recently completing his Master in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. An experienced CATIA expert, Hark honed his technical skills working as a design engineer in a cross section of industries including aerospace manufacturing. Hark is passionate about applying knowledge based engineering practices to QAQC and project automation.

  • Maher Elkhaldi Maher Elkhaldi Automation

    Maher is putting his Ph.d in Computational Design from Simon Fraser University on hold for the time being to join CadMakers as an Automation Specialist. Maher is passionate about using computational modeling methodologies to solve problems and will be focused on this task at CadMakers. Maher spent three years with Gehry technologies in the Middle East and holds two M.S.Arch degrees, one in Design and Computation from MIT and another in Digital Design and Fabrication from Georgia Tech.

  • Kumar Shanmugam Kumar Shanmugam Project Automation - Applications Engineer

    With experience as a design engineer at Boeing and Airbus, Kumar joins CadMakers from Bombardier aerospace where he held the title of Knowledge Based Engineering Specialist. Kumar is proficient scripting within the CATIA / ENOVIA ecosystem and is focused on automation tool building and custom scripting in his role at CadMakers. Kumar holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

  • Amir Talachian Amir Talachian Project Modeling Designer

    Amir joins CadMakers after recently completing his Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Toronto. With degrees in both computer science and architecture, Amir has a unique skill-set with a strong computational design and parametric modeling background with multiple software’s such as CATIA and Rhino/Grasshopper. Prior to completing his Master’s degree, Amir worked for Gehry Technologies in Abu Dhabi where he gained virtual design and construction experience on the Cleveland Clinic of Abu Dhabi and National Museum of Qatar projects.

  • Anatoly Jakhovets Anatoly Jakhovets Automation Lead

    Anatoly joins CadMakers after recently completing his Master’s in Aerospace Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and a series of internships with Bombardier Aerospace’s advanced design and experimental departments. An automation expert, Anatoly is passionate about using computer programming techniques to solve problems and optimize production processes.

  • Aniket Pande Aniket Pande Project Modeling Designer

    Aniket joins CadMakers from Oldcastle Building Envelope where he helped design, model and prepare fabrication information for facade systems. Prior to working in the facade manufacturing industry Aniket worked as a stress and support engineer for Aker solutions, a mechanical piping company in India. Aniket holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa.

  • Gurjot Bal Gurjot Bal Project Modeling Designer

    Gurjot joins CadMakers after finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in Integrated Engineering with a focus in Mechanical.

  • Ningbai Ningbai Automation, Project Modeling Designer

    Ningbai joins CadMakers after recently completing her Master’s Degree in Mechatronics from Simon Fraser University. With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (focus in HVAC and energy), Ningbai has gained valuable experience in a range of engineering disciples including structural design. Extremely detail oriented, Ningbai is passionate about applying her technical experience, CATIA skills and coding capabilities to the construction industry.

  • Melchor Lim Melchor Lim Project Modeling Designer

    Melchor joins CadMakers most recently from CGI Contract Glaziers and AECOM in Montreal where he spent the last 7 years playing a critical role in modeling complex facades and concrete structures in the construction space using CATIA and Digital Project. Prior to his time at AECOM, Melchor spent a number of years in the structural and architectural design industry in Canada and the Philippines, focusing on concrete modeling and detailing. Outside of his CATIA expertise, Melchor is adept with a number of 3D modeling technologies such as 3D Max, Sketchup, Lumion and civil 3D. Melchor holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the technical institute of the Philippines.

  • Rodolphe Cadet Rodolphe Cadet Project Modeling Designer

    A manufacturing engineer by trade, Rodolphe joins CadMakers with nearly 10 years’ experience in fabrication environments most recently with Bombardier Aerospace and Bell Helicopter. Rodolphe is passionate about leveraging the CATIA technology to optimize fabrication processes direct to the shop floor. Applying his knowledge gained in the aerospace industry, Rodolphe is a key member in CadMakers’ AEC prefabrication projects.

  • Joseph Timoney Joseph Timoney Automation, Project Modeling Designer

    Joe joins CadMakers after working in production and technical support at Airbus in the UK. Joe has over 5 years' experience from design to manufacturing of complex aerospace systems in CATIA. Joe holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cranfield University in Europe. Joe loves technology and has a great youtube channel called the CAD MAN. Check it out!

  • Kai Yang Kai Yang Project Modeling Designer

    Kai joins CadMakers from Bombardier Transportation where he was leading complex modeling, design to fabrication of the underframe structure of the train. A CATIA expert, Kai has significant manufacturing experience both in North America and in his native China and is excited to apply that knowledge to prefabrication projects in the AEC industry. Kai holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University.

  • Raj Nakandala Raj Nakandala Project Modeling Designer

    Raj joins CadMakers after recently completing his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Prior to completing his time at UBC, Raj gained valuable technical experience working on power plants in South East Asia and is passionate about applying his engineering training and CATIA skills to the construction industry.

  • Justin Khabra Justin Khabra Project Modeling Designer

    Justin joins CadMakers after competing his undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University. With experience as a manufacturing engineer on the shop floor, Justin has a specific passion for combining that practical hands on knowledge with process automation, IoT and using his programming skills to solve problems in the construction space.

  • Girish K.S. Girish K.S. Project Modeling Designer

    Girish joins CadMakers after spending the past 8 years as a senior design engineer in the automotive and aerospace industries. A CATIA expert, Girish has over 10 years’ experience modeling complex systems, design to fabrication, with a specific passion for enabling design for manufacturing principles to optimize assembly time on the shop floor.

  • Jean-Baptiste Vincent Jean-Baptiste Vincent Project Modeling Designer

    With experience as an R&D engineer in the aerospace manufacturing industry, JB developed and honed his 3D modeling and CFD skills and is excited to apply these skills to the building construction and manufacturing industry. JB holds two Masters Degrees, one Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace from ETS in Montreal and a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from ASTACA in France.

  • Dharam Singh Dharam Singh Project Modeling Designer

    Dharam is a Mechanical Engineer with ~8 years experience in the aerospace and automotive industries. Dharam has honed his CATIA skills working on complex design to fabrication systems and is focused on fabrication modeling and detailing at CadMakers.

  • Rohit Kommineni Rohit Kommineni Project Modeling Designer

    Rohit joins CadMakers after working as a design engineer at Honeywell Aerospace in India. Rohit has experience both in the CAD and CAM sides and is excited to deploy this knowledge of design for fabrication to his projects a CadMakers. Rohit holds a M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering in India.

  • Marcel Haczek Marcel Haczek Project Modeling Designer

    Marcel is a mechanical engineer with experience in Europe at General Electric and Delphi Automotive doing detailed design modeling, BOM and optimization studies. Marcel is excited to bring this mentality and skill-set to all his projects at CadMakers.

  • Hashila Goonetilleke Hashila Goonetilleke Project Modeling Designer

    Hash joins CadMakers after gaining valuable engineering experience in fuel cell development for automotive applications. At CadMakers, Hash will put his degree in Mechatronics engineering degree to good use working on automation, construction and manufacturing projects.

  • Rizwan Khan Rizwan Khan Project Modeling Designer

    Rizwan is a mechanical engineer by trade with over 8 years experience in the aerospace (Bombardier Aerospace), transportation (Bombardier Transport) and AEC industries. A CATIA expert, Rizwan is passionate about deploying Design for Manufacturing and Assembly principles.

  • Rachel O’Connor Rachel O’Connor Project Modeling Designer

    Rachel is a mechanical engineer and CATIA expert with over 3 years' experience in the automotive industry for OEM supplier Valeo. While at Valeo Rachel worked on projects with Jaguar Land Rover and BMW and is excited to bring her skillset and enthusiasm for automation to CadMakers.

  • Steven Lau Steven Lau IT Systems Admin

    Steven is a veteran IT systems expert and manages the full IT systems at CadMakers. On the side he does some scripting and likes solving complex problems.

  • Ian McCarthy, Ph.D Ian McCarthy, Ph.D Advisor

    Ian is a professor in Technology and Operations Management and the Associate Dean Graduate Programs at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. Ian’s research focuses on the design and management of organizations, operations management, change management and customization of products and services. As an advisor to CadMakers, Ian provides mentorship and feedback on corporate strategy.

  • Maryse Belanger, P.Geo Maryse Belanger, P.Geo Advisor

    Maryse is a mining executive with over 25 years experience all over the world within technical services and in operations. She is currently CEO of Mirabela Nickel and formerly led a team of 45 as SVP, Technical Services at Goldcorp Inc. and is passionate about the application of cutting edge technology for process improvement and optimization. Maryse is a geological engineer with Masters degree in geostatistics.

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