Building Envelope Scripting with CATIA #3DEXPERIENCE

Building Envelope Scripting with CATIA #3DEXPERIENCE

We wanted to illustrate what the Design for Fabrication solution experience looks like on a real project with CATIA #3DEXPERIENCE. The video above shows us scripting the bottom track, top track, glazing, cover panels and finally the soffits. In this skin there are also scuppers, embeds, ISA anchors, guardrail posts and more so there is a significant amount of construction coordination with the production model required to make it work.

Here’s how we do this:

  1. First we create a window part template that is fully parametric. This window part template is created with a set of embedded UDFs (user defined features) that define all the structure of the windows. All the parameters of the window part template are linked to a design table. The design table has all the configurations that will be used to create the full facade.
  2. With a Component Family Definition, we generate a part for each configuration in the Design table. We place all the generated parts in a product. This product will be used as our window library.
  3. Then we create a window position excel document that will define the position of all the windows of the facade.
  4. We will run the window position script that is created from VBscripts and EKL actions. The script will find window parts in the window library product within the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA database. Then it will instantiate them and place on the coordinates defined in the window position excel document.

Once this has been set up its extremely fast to iterate and update with design changes and scenario analyses. Here are some more images:


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