Concrete Detailing

Fully coordinated detailing packages and layout drawings for the field. Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your concrete, formwork and other layout drawings with concrete detail drawings generated from the precise geometry of CATIA.

Benefits of Concrete Detailing with CadMakers:

  • Build with confidence knowing that your builder’s drawings are accurate and generated directly from coordinated model
  • Avoid costly on-site design changes


How it the service works:

  • CadMakers is given the 2D or 3D contract documents (Arch, Struc, MEP, etc) and sets about creating a virtual prototype of the project
  • With the input of the contractor, the details of what information is to be included is determined in the concrete detailing or layout drawings
  • Errors, discrepancies and missing information from the design are flagged and submitted to the design team for review
  • 2D concrete detailing or MEP field layout drawings are generated directly from the 3D CATIA model with precision from a fully coordinated 3D model
  • Ability to export to .dwg format for total station integration on site

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