Construction Coordination Assistance Package

Save time and money from re-work and delays by direct modeling in the site trailer to identify conflicts, run mockup scenarios and fix problems in real time.

Providing ongoing support through the construction phase, CadMakers creates and manages a comprehensive and dynamic analytical tool for complex construction coordination:


Benefits of Construction Coordination Support by CadMakers:

  • With the powerful CATIA tool on site, site superintendents can improve decision making, plan ahead, and optimize construction sequencing to save rework.
  • Complete projects earlier and reduce construction financing costs.
  • Facilitate communication between the design and construction teams using the fully integrated 3D model within construction coordination meetings on site.

About the service:

  • CadMakers’ team members will bring the virtually constructed and fully integrated 3D model to the site for the benefit of team building live
  • As shop drawings are submitted to the team, the fully integrated 3D CATIA model is updated with the shop drawings (Fabricator models, embed details, HVAC equipment etc). Conflict studies are completed on this information and reported to the design team to aid construction coordination
  • CadMakers provides dedicated technical resources to drive the 3D model in the trailer, update with real time information (site instructions, as-built footing elevations, final in slab canning locations, etc.).
  • Build real time feedback from the field into the central model as the construction schedule evolves. The 3D model is used as a tool to enable quick response to construction coordination issues
  • Leverage the power of CATIA, allowing for every element of the project to be loaded at once (Architectural, structural, MEP, etc.) and changes made in real time.
  • Connect all project stakeholders (site trailer to architect’s office) to the central model 24/7 using the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.