About the service:

  • Start-up meeting to discuss CadMakers role as well as major building systems and high risk areas related to constructability with design team.
  • CadMakers replicates the process of the site superintendent on the computer screen and builds the project virtually to perform the construction conflict studies.
  • CadMakers receives any input from the design team (2D or 3D) and virtually constructs major elements as required to perform a preliminary construction conflict study.
  • Step by step, CadMakers’ team members build the project in one central fully integrated 3D CATIA model, identifying and flagging coordination conflicts and constructability risks.
  • After the construction conflict study, CadMakers delivers a detailed report with all conflicts shown to the client and project stakeholders including the 3D model using the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE platform Design Reviewer application.


Benefits of Construction Conflict Study by CadMakers:

  • Get a comprehensive 3D representation of the project before you build.
  • Detect errors, discrepancies, and missing information well in advance of live construction.
  • Avoid costly schedule delays caused by knock on effects of detecting coordination problems in the field.