MEP Prefabrication.

Apply manufacturing best practices in construction by creating fabrication level 3D models built to reflect international MEP standards and specifications. All 3D data can be generated directly from the fully integrated model in CATIA or overlaid into any other 3D software background to ensure coordination. Create spool drawings, precise bill of material takeoffs, pipe lengths and layout drawings using CATIA automation tools to provide critical inputs needed to prefabricate entire MEP systems. CadMakers sits shoulder to shoulder with the site foreman to optimize typical processes, reduce labour time on site and increase profitability.

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About the service:

  • CadMakers builds the part library for the specifications and standards to which the project needs to be compliant
  • Once the construction as-built conditions become clear, CadMakers works side by side with the mechanical contractor to determine the precise and most efficient layout for the components to be prefabricated
  • Working with powerful CATIA software, CadMakers provides direct to fabrication level of modeling for the area(s) to be prefabricated.
  • Shop drawings with precise cut lengths, bill of materials, and assembly configuration are generated by CadMakers
  • Working closely with the manufacturer and contractor, CadMakers ensures the proper MEP prefabrication off-site and installation on-site


Benefits of MEP prefabrication from CadMakers:

  • Improved quality, planning, and performance
  • Reduced risk, waste, labor costs

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