Virtual Construction Services

CadMakers provides a range of virtual design and construction (VDC) services to enable smarter building. These services include:

Our Features

Fit to Purpose

No two projects are alike, whether you are in your bidding, tender or construction phase, CadMakers' approach adjusts based on the needs of your project.

Maximum Flexibility

2D and 3D inputs modeled to the highest level of detail. We can import your current 3D model and update to the current status of your project.

Holistic Approach

By encompasing all areas of risk, our coordination efforts brings your project team up to date on a single platform.


CadMakers works in a collaborative fashion with the whole value chain. Empowering your team's visualization of the project's systems.


CadMakers brings powerful aerospace engineering modeling technology (CATIA) to the AEC industry.


Save owners/contractors time on the schedule and money on the budget by identifying conflicts prior to building live on site.

we offer...

One time review of all your construction documents, coordinate current trade details for your project. Provide final analysis of project discrepancies and critical future coordination issues to consider.
Full construction document review report with the option of follow-up on discrepancy solutions, followed by coordination follow-up sessions between trades. etc.